Wednesday, December 1, 2010

National Organization for My Marriage, not yours.

For those of you who are familiar with same sex marriage you have heard of the National Organization for Marriage or NOM as it is referred. For years this organization has been the spearhead for the movement against gay marriage. Under the laughable guise of "protecting traditional marriage" foes have continually argued that Marriage is one man and one woman.

Recently added as a "group of interest" by the world renowned organization identifying hate groups in the U.S. Southern Poverty Law Centers. Nom is on the radar and it seems full steam ahead for identifying themselves as a hate group. At direct odds with the Human Rights Campaign the HRC has recently launched a new website called nomexposed.

Now, if you are going to stand against gay marriage then fine. Its a free country. However what really gets my horns twisted in a knot is that they are standing against civil unions as well. They recently tried to stop a civil unions bill in Illinois. Much to their dismay the bill passed however.

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The argument is this. Civil unions will lead into gay marriage. Well then perhaps NOM, you should change your name to National Organization for Stopping Gays.
Whats next? We are going to criminalize gay people all together? Because Gay love leads to Civil Unions which lead to gay marriage.

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